For cargo compartments

Cargo area original factory paint



Choose to protect the load compartment of your car/van/truck with the fast growing brand BULLET LINER. Popularity of BULLET LINER is a convincing evidence of the highest quality protective materials on the market. This is a unique chemical formula without any alternatives available on the market. The work is controlled by a 12-year-experienced craftsman who ensures that every coating is being applied with care, ensuring 100% quality satisfaction for our clients. Immediately after applying the polyurethane, the components react and the material hardens within seconds. Process is repeated laying several layers, forming the required thickness. Once the thickness has been reached, it is given a structure or what is commonly called a “rough finish”.

This technology does not protect against corrosion, but protects against its contributing formation factors!

The most popular reasons for damaging traditional factory paint

  • Holes from rocks on the roads;
  • Deep mechanical scratches;
  • Salt, chemical solvents, fuel, water;
  • Loose paint, varnish coat;
  • Low-quality body repair.

These are some of the causes that develop corrosion. Remember, the color layer is microns and has no mechanical protection properties.

To prevent this from happening, we have a solution !!!

Processing will be done within 3-4 hours

Load compartment protection with 2-3mm thick armor!


  • Professional surface preparation and coating application
  • Does not shrink cargo space
  • Adds value and extends component life
  • Sound and vibration damping coating
  • Easy care and great long-term look
  • Coating available in original body color
  • Preserves properties from -40C to + 140C
  • 2-3mm thickness, shock resistant, abrasion resistant, chemically inert
  • Permissible contact with food and drinking water (EU certificate)

Bullet Liner is also an excellent solution for protecting other car units such as:

  • car arches, body thresholds, doorway thresholds;
  • fuel tanks, cast wheels;
  • power bumpers, arch linings, sill linings, plugs;
  • sound box boxes, subwoofers;
  • car interior floors

Choose and get the best solution for your load compartment!

Fill out the application form, describe your current issue, add a picture (if necessary) and we will try to contact you as soon as possible!

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