Bullet Liner

About the company

Baltic Bullet Liner as a company operates since year 2013, but its origins dates back to 2007, when polyurethane technology arrived in Latvia. Over the years, the business owner has mastered the technology of applying polyurethane coatings and can now provide the highest quality polyurethane coating for any surface, object.

Over the years, Baltic Bullet Liner has expanded, offering polyurethane coatings not only for vehicles, but also for concrete coatings, decors, design elements and many other products and solutions.

While maintaining the same professional profile of the company, we offer flooring, decor, design element coating and solutions.

The latest service offered by the company is the cutting of foam plastic with CNC machine to meet the diverse needs of customers, in addition offering to cover the created objects with a protective or decorative polyurethane layer.